Shelters of Resistance 反抗避難所

A leading figure in the Hong Kong art scene, artist Kacey Wong presents for the first time in Paris an exceptional in-situ installation in the courtyard of the 4th district City Hall. He will also conduct a special site performance for the Nuit Blanche 2015.

Transforming USELESS into USEFUL, Kacey Wong works from recycled and burned wood to build shelters in different size and shapes. These primitive huts are meant to reflect the contemporary realities, whether social, political or economical: they are at the same time shelters for the homeless, the unemployed or for refugees, havens where to find peace and liberty from oppression and even intimate spaces for dialogue and sharing in a world where individuals communicate less and less. Pockets of resistance, they also echo the democratic movement called the Umbrella Movement which took place last October in the streets of Hong Kong. 

Wong will also perform the Celestial Fortune Telling during the ‘Nuit Blanche’, aiming at creating a peculiar and deep dialogue with the audience: within one of his shelters he will install a temporary Chinese style temple and will predict the artistic future of the public.The process of building the shelters is part of the exhibition, and the artist will be present on site to meet the public until the opening on October 5 2015. This exhibition benefits from the support of the Burger Collection


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