Everything is Fine 無事 Performance

Just performed this piece of work at the Gallery Walk on the evening of Nov/3/2016.

In response to the recent state conducted kidnapping incidents, the victims were forced to lied about their return to mainland China is under their own free will and made confessions in front of national TV like a prisoner of war. The title of the work Everything is Fine can be interpret as ‘nothing really happens’ or an attitude towards absurdity. This artwork generates a strange surrealistic feeling, inspiring the viewer to reflect upon their own life under current political absurdity in Hong Kong.

這件作品回應最近在香港出現由國家策劃綁架與禁聲事件,受害人被迫像戰爭罪犯那樣在公眾媒體前公開表達自身的不自由狀態是出於自願, 而不是受到國家機器的打壓。「無事」這題目可以剖釋為沒事發生、也可剖釋為「虛無」、也許是一種對荒謬事件的態度。此作品令觀眾感覺離奇超現實,從而引起公眾反思香港當下政治生活裏的荒誕。