Controlling Device 控制裝置

I am busy producing a new art work entitled Controlling Device for the Amnesty International Hong Kong Chapter fund raising event. The work is a hanging noose-shaped candle and a bronze sculpture. The kidnapping of the "Causeway Bay booksellers" and the recent Chinese business man abduction allegedly by the Chinese Government caused chaotic fear here in Hong Kong. As the ropes on the neck Hong Kong people become getting tighter, freedom of expression and freedom of life in Hong Kong are seriously threatened. The works will be on display at the Kong Art Space in Soho, look forward to see all of you there.

最近在工作室全力為「國際特赦組織香港分會」製作新作品「控制裝置」,作品是吊頸繩形狀蠟燭和古銅雕塑, 由「銅鑼灣五子」綁架事件一直發展到現在的「肖建華」事件,套在香港市民頸上的繩索越拉越緊, 香港的言論自由與人生自由受到嚴重威脅, 要活出免於恐懼的自由,才是真正的自由。作品將於下個星期四 2月16 號於 Kong Art Space 展出為他們組織籌款之用, 到時還有很多香港重量級藝術家參與,切勿錯過。