Drift . Exile - Kacey Wong solo exhibition

DRIFT . EXILE Kacey Wong solo exhibition Date: Oct 7 - Oct 30 2016 (Open Mon - Friday, Closed on Sunday ) Opening: Oct 6 (Thur) @ 7 PM Artist Sharing: Oct 7 (Fri) @ 12:30 PM Venue: UG Foyer, HKCC - PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus, 8 Hung Lok Road, Hung Hom (Hong Kong Community College) Content:  Independent Shooting Bike Wandering Home II Bike Wandering Space Bike Paddling Home Boat plus Shooting competition at the opening

Kacey Wong solo exhibition

Date: Oct 7 - Oct 30 2016
(Open Mon - Friday, Closed on Sunday )

Opening: Oct 6 (Thur) @ 7 PM
Artist Sharing: Oct 7 (Fri) @ 12:30 PM

Venue: UG Foyer, HKCC - PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus, 8 Hung Lok Road, Hung Hom (Hong Kong Community College)


Independent Shooting Bike
Wandering Home II Bike
Wandering Space Bike
Paddling Home Boat
plus Shooting competition at the opening


Hong Kong July 1st Protest

There are really nothing worth celebrating in the July 1st Change of Sovereignty in Hong Kong, from the abusive 7 Hong Kong Police incident to the recent booksellers kidnapping incidents, there are just too much absurdity proving this city is slowly heading towards death under the kidnapping of Chinese Communist Party. My art work for this year's Hong Kong July 1st Protest is a black flag. It symbolize mourning, pain, resistance, and power to mourn this dying city. It also express the resistance spirit of We live free or die (Viurem lliures o morirem).

Don't Want To Remember, Dare Not Forget

This year is the 27th anniversary of the1989 Tianamen Square Massacre. I have finally edited the performance I did from last year by finding the right music and doing all the sub-titles, etc. Don't forget the original spirit of the Chinese citizens calling out for freedom and Democracy, we should use this spirit in our own terms, peace.

Hong Kong Zero Carbon Creative Day 零碳香港想創日

I just created two interactive artworks using antique bicycles to generate electricity entitled The Inspiration and Forever Absolute Loneliness II. The Inspiration will generate bright light on the head of the rider and Forever Absolute Loneliness II allows the rider listen to old songs from a record player while riding. The show was organized by Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab and was shown in City University, bicycle generators from Tritech Environment Technology Co.

Sustainable Festival II 源野藝術節II

I just participated in the Sustainable Festival at the Cattle Depot. I sat the whole day in my Wandering Space Camper Tricycle, ate food, drank tea, and chat with visitors the entire day performing 'living'. The day passed by so quickly in such a relaxing way I wish all art exhibitions are like this.

M+ Rover! 敢探號

The mobile art space entitled M+ Rover! I designed and built is finally operational, it will travel to more than 50 public high schools and public space bringing artists and art to the public. The interior of this 25 feet cargo container are covered by recycled wood collected from pallets. Old ship windows dotted the interior space bringing fresh air and light from outside. My inspiration for this project is the submarine from the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the spatial cross-section of a whale, I am sure the students will love this mobile art space since it is so different than their everyday life in school, enjoy. 

Urban Ninja Workshop

Just did a wondering Urban Ninja workshop at the Cattle Depot with young children. They were asked to create a wearable paper sculpture that mimic ordinary items often seen from the streets, this exercise train to children to observe, image, and to create with their hands.

Objection! Protest by Design @ Vitra Design Museum

26.02.2016 – 29.05.2016

I did a short video interview talking about the relationship between design and political activism and it is now being shown at the Vitra Design Museum in Germany. Here is the abstract from the museum. "When spontaneous student protests erupted in Hong Kong on 28 September 2014 as a reaction to proposed changes in the electoral process, the global media was rife with images not only of the protesters themselves, but also the myriad informal structures and designs they had created. Barricades, shelter and sculptures were constructed from everyday objects, the umbrellas that coined the movement’s name were used for protection from police enforcement. The exhibition presents this act of civil disobedience through the objects that were spawned by the movement, illustrating that design not only shapes and defines products, but can function as an agent of change in politics, communication and social innovation." Do stop by to check out this nice little show and support Hong Kong if you are around that area.

People's Hot Food Truck 民間美食車大匯演

I support Hong Kong hawkers and local Hong Kong street food delicacy hence I transformed my camper tricycle once again into a mobile street hawker stance distributing free cocktail eggette to the public, expanding the imagination and the possibility of a what a hot food truck could be. The current government proposed hot food truck scheme is tailored made for large cooperation and tourist only (which kind of people can afford a HK$800,000 trucks?). The government should reopen the hawker license policy so grass root citizens can apply and ultimately establish hot food districts so both local citizens and tourist can enjoy.  After many failures trying to make the eggette, I finally mastered how to make them tasty and crunchy, my formula have Whisky soaked raisins in them creating a wonderful aroma which goes well with the taste of the eggette. You do get drunk after eating too much, that's very important...

Sustainable Festival 源野藝術節

On the coldest night of Hong Kong in 59 years (3.1 degree Celsius), I slept at the end of the former Kai Tak Airport runway experiencing the good and the bad of Mother Nature with my Wandering Space. The wind speed was 45km/hour and garbage bins were being blown around and one of it did hit my bike in the middle of the night. I woke up at 2am due to freezing cold and put on every bits of clothing I have and finally was warm enough to go back to sleep. A wonderful experience and I survived to tell the tales.

Anti Political Kidnap Protest 抗議政治綁架遊行

Just participated in a public protest and performance against the mainland Chinese Government allegedly conducting illegal abduction operations in Hong Kong targeting Hong Kong citizens, British citizens, and citizens of Sweden. This kind of cross country kidnapping activity are illegal and condemned by the international community. The citizens of Hong Kong were shocked by this event but I am sure there will be more of such kidnapping in the near future since the One Country Two System is corroding by the days!

Mobility - Battle of Space 流動 - 空間之博弈

變形吧二號 Transform Bar II

「變形吧二號」是一架流動盆栽派對車,它有三個可以向左右伸展的盤,讓植物盡量吸取所需陽光。因應不同場合的需要,只要預先培植短根植物如小麥草或薄荷葉等,便可以供應新鮮的小麥草果汁或 Mojito 雞尾酒。除了提高觀者對種植的興趣,更把藝術觀賞擴闊至飲食的感觀層次。「變形吧二號」的外形受香港排檔所啟發。小販為了生存要在最小的空間陳列最大量的貨品,有一種能屈能伸的獨特風格。透過變形去適應環境,也許是香港的生存之道。




Opening: 4月19日 (星期日) 12pm 

日期 1:17.4.2015 至 26.4.2015
地點 1:JCCAC 中央庭園

日期 2:27.4.2015 至 7.5.2015
地點 2:JCCAC 二樓平台

時間:10:00 am 至 10:00 pm
(26.4.2015 10:00 am 至 7:00 pm)

Art of Protest - Resisting Against Absurdity Exhibition

黄國才示威藝術 - 荒誕與抵抗
Kacey Wong's Art of Protest - Resisting Against Absurdity 

Duration: March 2 - March 28, 2015
Venue: Amelia Johnson Contemporary, HK
Opening: March 4, 2015, 6-9PM

Social injustice, government incompetence, police violence, freedom retrogression; how could a citizen create positive change to the society by linking art production and politics? Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong created large amount of political artworks in the past four years, exhibiting them in the streets of Hong Kong during public protest and rallies, expanding the sites for art to exist. His works armed with black humor and a sense of performance, linking art performance and action, resistance the era of Hong Kong political absurdity.